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A Tropical January! (Thursday 1/4)

Thursday January 4, 2024 · Seatings from 5-9pm · $75/person (Beverage Pairings $40)

Ciao Amici!

Hopefully now we are fully excited about the winter spirit, high off of the holidays, and ready to play in the snow....for the next 3 months! Well, maybe 5 months.

But! Maybe to welcome the winter right, we need a night of tropical fun. In January! So, dress in your Hawaiian best (or just wear a bathing suit), and come to Strega for an evening filled with umbrella drinks and tropical dishes.

Instead of just one region, we've decided to take a progressive journey through some of our favorite destinations and culinary memories. Think Punchy Ceviche, Hawaiian Squid Luao, Jerk Chicken, Coconut Rice, Passion Fruit Sauce, Ginger-Lime Umbrella Drinks, and more....

Derek Auston, an original Nonna at the Strega Kitchen comes from Caribbean roots. Bermuda, specifically. He has been sharing stories of his time there, and the best Jerk Chicken in the world. We can't wait to invite you all to be a part of it.

Aaron Nordman, everyone's favorite ball of energy, has been enthusiastically planning his outfit for this dinner for months and has some tangy tropical cocktails up his sleeve.

Rachael has spent a lot of time in the Caribbean, in Mexico, in Hawaii, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Central and South America, West Africa, the tropics. While her heart space is usually occupied by bella Italia, once in a while she shares her tropical inspiration too. Don't miss the occasion!

Please Join us for this very special dinner series! Round up your friends, your best tropical outfits, and make reservations with the link below.

Sample Menu (subject to change):

Latin America To Start:

Pineapple JalepeƱo Ceviche

Cazuela di Mariscos (Colombian Style Tomato Seafood Stew)


The Pacific:

Ono Fish With Lilikoi Beurre Blanc & Purple Sweet Potatoes

Squid Luao (Octopus & Tarro Coconut Stew)


Derek's Bermuda Style Smoked Jerk Chicken


Coconut Rice

Caribe Style Black Beans and Sweet Peppers


Key Lime Pie

*Please Note: Menu changes likely due to ingredient availability. As always, we improvise!

**Please note: This dinner is not suitable for all diets. We are happy to bulk up the portions of courses your group can eat, but don't offer substitutions.