A Trip to Piemonte! (Friday 5/17)

Friday May 17, 2024 · seatings available between 5pm and 9pm · $75 (add wine pairings for $40)

You all have been asking for it! So here we go. Piemontese dinner series again at Strega!!

Join us for a culinary journey to Piemonte, Italy's North Western tip known for it's rich French-influenced cuisine and world-renowned wines. Think egg yolk pastas, truffles, strong cheeses, butter, hazelnuts, rich meat braises and earthy wines to wash it all down. Gather your friends and family and join us for this special evening.

Piedmont is a large beautiful region surrounded by the Alps on the border of France and Switzerland. Piedmont gets it's name from mid-evil Latin meaning 'at the foot of the mountains'. It has gorgeous mountains and hills dotted with valleys and lakes throughout. The Piemonte hills tend to be covered with thick fog, providing the perfect environment for the famous Nebbiolo grape ('nebbia' means fog in Italian). We hope you'll join us for this Piemontese feast!

**Please ask about dietary restriction accommodations in advance; this dinner is not suitable for all diets.

***Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance will be charged $50/person.

See sample Menu below (subject to change due to availability and inspiration)

A Trip to Piemonte!


Bagna Caoda ("Hot Bath" Anchovy-Garlic-Butter Dip)

Fonduta di Grano Padano (Parmigiano Fondue)

Carpaccio di Carne (Chopped Beef Tar Tar Salad)

Antipasti Torinese, Peperoni Ripieni (Vegetables in tomato sauce with Tuna Stuffed Peppers)


Tajarini Burro Salvia (Fresh Egg Yolk Pasta with Browned Butter and Sage)

Polenta con i Funghi (Creamy Polenta with Wild Mushrooms & Truffle Oil)


Brasato al Barolo (Beef in Red Wine Braise)


Verdure con Salsa Verde (Vegetables with Piemontese style Green Sauce)


Torta di Nocciole (Hazelnut Cake with Fresh Fruit, Zabaglione and Whipped Cream)